Premium Dry Diamond Core Bits Range - Slotted

Premium Dry Diamond Core Bits Range - Slotted
Brand: Mexco
Product Code: DC22-TL
Prices From: £31.62
Ex Tax: £26.35

Premium Dry Diamond Core Bits Mexco X90 Range - Slotted

Premium Range. Female - 1/2 BSP Female Fitment.

Applications: Soft Facing Brick, Concrete Blocks, Hard Sandstone, Coarse Sandstone, Soft Slate, Breeze Block & Lignacite Blocks.

Slotted: for use without a dust extraction unit

Our diamond core drills have been manufactured to a high standard to withstand the huge stresses involved when core drilling into general masonry building materials. Our diamond core drill bits offer excellent drilling speeds and lifetime when used with most core drill machines due to their high diamond concentration, high quality barrels, back ends and segment height.

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